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Asia's 1st Connection

Provide the appropriate facilitation to ensure correct customer connections in exploring opportunities for business
in Asia, through Singapore. 

AsiaLink is client focused organization which demonstrated and proven organizational, interpersonal and communication expertise to facilitate the correct meetings for a business mission trip to Singapore to explore business opportunities in Asia.  
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Lorna Natasha Ow-Elroy
Director, Business Consulting

Lorna has over 19 years of experience working for American focused companies providing services to a wide and diverse demographic customer base. An effective networker and communicator she has a unique ability to interact and communicate with a variety of people at any level of an organization, to include top-level company executives, customers and senior government officials.   


Key accomplishments include:

- Facilitated, with US Embassy, more than 50 US government official visits to Singapore to include Vice President Joseph Biden, Honorable Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State, Honorable Eric Holder, US Attorney General, US Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk and General Gary North, Commander of U.S. Pacific Air Force

- Directly responsible for the success of Global Leaders events featuring notable personalities as Steve Forbes, CEO, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Marillyn Hewson, CEO and President of Lockheed Martin Corporation, John Sculley, Former CEO of Pepsico and Apple, Michael Hayden, Ex-CIA Director, General (Ret) Stanley McCrystal, CEO of McCrystal Group

- Planned and executed a successful U.S. Ambassador to Singapore led business mission trip to Indonesia for 24 senior U.S. MNC leaders. Coordinated meetings with Indonesian government ministries and country-based organizations. 

- Organized the 16th Trans-Pacific Partnership Cocktail event with more than 500 International Government Officials from the 11 nations.

- Organized and managed 8 CEO Roundtables for multiple industry sectors involving companies such as Caterpillar, General Electric, Nike, UPS, Cargill, Ebay and Johnson & Johnson


- Organized and executed the 242nd, 243rd, 244th, 245th, 246th & 247th U.S. Navy Birthday Ball / Celebrations based in Singapore 




Testimonials of Lorna Ow-Elroy, Director - Business Consultant







"I say all this to underscore the fact that Lorna is quite simply one of the most impressive event coordinators and customer relations managers I have ever worked with. In front of her clients. Lorna has a warm, welcoming and engaging demeanor. She excels at making her clients comfortable and tuned into the event’s agenda, and is equally engaging and at home with all types of clients including foreign Ambassadors and diplomats, multi-national CEOs and small enterprise representatives."

 Curt Rousseau, Vice President, Information Technology, UPS Asia Pacific Region


"It is with great pleasure and without reservation that I offer my strongest recommendation for Ms. Lorna Ow-Elroy. I have known Ms. Ow-Elroy since I arrived in Singapore in 2018, and in this time, she has proven herself to be an exceptional professional and leader. As the Director of Special Projects for the Navy League of the United States (Singapore Council), she has distinguised herself through her extraordinary professional performance." 

Rear Admiral Joey Tynch, U.S. Navy


"Lorna is viewed as an integral part of the American Chamber of Commerce and proved to be extremely effective in dealing with the Financial Services Committee members in particular as well as all of the other Committees. Her professional and personal strengths directly contributed to a 75% growth in the number of meetings that were held and a 90% growth in the number of attendees during her tenure as the Head of Programming."

Sean S. Hesh, Regional Director, Citibank, N.A.


Sean S. Hesh, Regional Director, Citibank, N.A.


"Lorna was invaluable in helping me set up a reporting trip to Singapore. Her connections were extensive, and her professionalism, organizational skills and positivity made working with her a complete joy. If you're planning a business mission to Southeast Asia, one of the world's fastest-growing markets, you need to work with her."

Trevor Williams, Managing Editor, Global Atlanta


"Tanglin Club recently engaged AsiaLink Consultancy for several Club projects. Their Principal Consultant Ms Lorna Ow, not only provided us with a list of recommendations but assisted us in the execution with very resourceful methods and successful outcomes. They got the job done by working in close collaboration with our management team. Projects that AsiaLink Consultancy handled include the Reciprocal Club arrangements worldwide, advertising, and operating guidelines for a new service outlet. We sincerely hope that we will have an opportunity to work with AsiaLink Consultancy on future projects." 

Josie Tulipano, General Manager, Tanglin Club Singapore


"Ms Ow has been instrumental in all aspects of planning and organizing for our members' meetings and events. Ms Ow displayed great business acumen and discipline for timely executions. Creative, resourceful, she does not hesitate to think outside of the box to meet the committees' objectives."

 Yves Nolin, Demo Program Director, Hewlett-Packacd Company


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